Friday, September 05, 2008

A Full Day's Load

this is day number 5 and a BIG workout day encompassing all my workouts into one day.

First: Morning Snatches
SSST Training
24kg/10 Reps Left......even Minutes
24kg/10 Reps Right....odd Minutes

9 sets of each for a total of 180 reps and 17:20 time. Each 10 rep round took no more than 20 seconds. I could tell though that this was my 5th day, the workout felt more difficult than I had anticipated.

Second: Late Morning Run
30 minute of steady state running. this is the third run of the week after my layoff and all systems go. Hit the grass at Stanford again which really works well since I can bring the dog and she can play while I run ;-)

Third: Late Afternoon Vinyasa Class with Les Leventhal of Yoga Tree San Francisco.
This man is a top notch instructor and I am certain his name will continue to grow in the yoga community. I will not be surprised to see him grace the big magazines and present at the top conferences. I am honored that he has agreed to come on my show and talk Yoga and Life with me October 5th.

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