Saturday, March 16, 2013


The gangs all here! Great day at Stones, love when we all train together.


Great day, felt well connected rep by rep, set by set. The bell path, speed and movement today really felt good. Last weeks 32/36kg snatch helped immensely.

2KB front squat

Really strong here today! Felt great and could feel how much stronger as a whole the body is.

Push-up on pbarz

Focused on external rotation and adduction. Double play with ring L sit.

Ring L-Sit
5-10 second hold x 4

Rif cued me on external rotation and adduction and it made a huge difference

Mobility, flexibility, foam/ball rolling and Rotator cuff work. The little things make a big difference!

I have a lot of work in general to do, but feel like things are slowly but surely coming together. Careful to rest, eat strong and not over training.

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