Friday, March 15, 2013

Mountain Bike Day 2

Well this was by far the better of the 2 rides. I suppose you could call Tuesday dusting off the old wheels. Today I felt stronger and smarter.

I took an alternate route, essentially reversing the trail. This provided a few new challenges both in the climbs and downhill sections. I was much more cognizant of my heart rate, stroke rate and threshold as well my reflexes.

Today I rode the middle chain ring in front which certainly increases the tension and force required on the pedal stroke. I felt a good amount of loaded force today on the climbs, really driving down into the pedals but also a pulling force (like butt kickers) with the hamstrings. Today felt like a good endurance strength day with 5 solid climbs, a moderate, followed by short and steep, then another moderate and then a long gradually and finishing with a short steep. Lot of varying load forces today.

Threshold was not an issue and focused on a rhythmic breathing pattern which enabled me to control the heart rate. I certainly felt the lack of muscular leg endurance on the climbs but overall this was a good ride.

As for the downhill they were all single track and bumpy due to rain and horses riding the trails. This really allowed me to work the neural reflexes. Reaction time decreasing and this is a gradual work in progress.

Overall really satisfied with my 5th day of solid training and will be ready for snatch volume tomorrow with the crew at Stones!

Week 2 of 6 day training with the addition of the mountain bike. Fitness, strength, conditioning and flexibility all improving! Diet is solid and getting better!

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