Monday, March 11, 2013

Speed Press and connecting dots

Another Day Stronger! really starting to feel myself come back to a strong level. The past 3+ years have taken their toll on my training, practice, strength, flexibility, fitness, conditioning, etc. Since January I have been consistent the improvements are showing. And after the Board exam in late Feb I added in Yoga and upped the intensity of my strength training. All things are coming together. I have had some minor blips, specifically the shoulder but I am on it and today proved so. I will add in running and mountain biking which will require some other adjustments. But for now the key is the KB/Strength work will stay the same and the yoga practice will remain. The dots are connecting

Speed Press
Speed pause press. 10 sets straight on R then left. 3 reps/arm. 10-12 work, 15 rest. 3 minutes 55sec total per side, 1 minute faster than prior workout due to reduced rest.

28/3x10 Left
28/3x10 Right

Heavy Clean

Pause at top for 2 sec. Gets heavy after a while :)


A thorough warm up and quality rehab/stretch the past week plus and I feel much better. No stress but keep reps low to maintain quality. Volume was tough since I have not pulled in over 10 days but all in all the work paid off!


Working a bit different technique with hands as press up, corkscrewing (rotating pinky into body). Felt much better but harder

Single arm cast clubbell

A bit wobbly but good shift, got better

Hollow body rock
75 total reps

More Rehab and Yoga tonight!

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