Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Deep Stretch

Nice to be back in a rhythm and groove training wise. Things are building and I can feel my fitness levels increasing. It is easy being aggressive but I have to be mindful and build intelligently. It has been some time since I have had all the parts moving together. So today I was back at my yoga practice.

70 minutes of deep stretching, big focus on hips, hammies, quads, shoulders and spinal alignment. Working closer to splits which more important is a positive sign that my body is opening in areas that tend to be tight in general and even more so with training.

Saw a great quote today by Major League Baseball Star Ichiro Suzuki who said that Flexibility is the key to his performance, not strength training. I have too agree and say I was strongest when doing regular yoga with 3 days of lifting and run/mountain biking here and there.

Great Practice


Jordan Vezina said...

Flexibility makes me stronger, strength improves my motivation, speed improves my strength, an increased skill level improves my motivation, improved motivation relaxes me and makes me for flexible... and the circle goes on.

Joe Sarti said...

Jordan, well said! The circle of a good and healthy existence!