Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Strength Day

Another day at Stones. Strength days always give me a thorough workout. Today is no different. One of the great things about getting back into training and a true regimen is a renewed sense of love for training. It shows in the fitness and the progression in numbers. Still have to contain my enthusiasm and train smart. I love to do so many things in terms of fitness that it is really easy to over do things. This is especially true when training and not working out. With training everything is so much more thought and thorough where when working out I can play and just do.

Floor press

Felt stronger here today! What a difference a little neurological pattern awakening does for the body!

Double KB front squat feet together

This is a strong move. From the first heavy double KB squat to now I can feel the difference. I feel much more stable in the rack and can easily sit with strength in the hole and power through. The idea was to use this to warm up for the pistol, therefore the feet together. This is the proper alignment for the start of the pistol.

Double pistol box squat
32/1 Got the right as video shows but missed coming out of hole on L = fail.

Hamstring tightened on R after and decided to shut it down. This is a BIG PR for me and good place to stop! Last time I did this movement I used an odd load of 28 and 24. This move really hits the upper hamstring and the ham as a whole. Want to be smart, I am in no rush and went against my judgment today on this move as evident by the tweak. Nothing big but the light bulb turned on. Need to consume a bit more aqua.


This is just a big load, but getting easier.

Standing bent row doubles

Just a variation on the rows, great for core and postural stabilization.

Clubbell Gamma Cast

Found a really nice rhythm and flow with this today. Have not done this particular move in a few weeks + so I wanted to add back in. Plus great work from a strength and mobility aspect. Will watch clubbell videos to learn more.

Lateral Band Raise

External Rotator aka open the door, palms up
10x1 Blue
8x2 Black


Mark Reifkind said...

good stuff Joe. try going barefoot on the pistols I guarantee it will make a difference.Presses were perfect, just like I wanted. see you tomorrow. hammy ok?

Joe Sarti said...

Hammy is good! and thank you for the suggestions :-)