Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snatch Day

Well Rif has made a change to help accommodate and to live by the credo of StrongFirst and thus put more emphasis on strength, speed, power thus lessening the reps and upping the weight. This makes me happy as all the prior weeks work my body is ready for this.

The cycle will look something like this
3 week wave
28kg/5,6,7 ladder x 4,5,6 Sets working up to 200 total reps over 3 workouts
32kg/3,4,5 ladder x 4,5,6 sets working up to 150 total reps over 3 workouts
36kg/3's at least for the first week wave working from 50 to 75 to 100

A work in progress but a logical progression and sequence on paper.

28/5,6,7 x 4 waves for a total of 144 reps and 8928

Big PR with this bell partly because only my second ever snatch workout with this newer sized bell. We used to go from the 24 straight to the 32 with no 28 but the times and market called for the 28 and now we have it to train with. I love it. Not a tough workout but worked the hands more just due to the sheer weight and reps. Excited to use today to build

Clubbell shield cast

The light bulb went on and the once it did this move became way easier. Rif and Nick gave a strong cue and imaginary and boom. I have to order my clubbells

Handstand practice

I suck at this but it sure is getting better and a committed practice is key. Hollow position is critical, locking in my hands and locking triceps with active shoulders, pelvis has to tuck under, with a strong core and linked legs. Kick up with the straight leg and allow other leg to follow. Lots of good things to practice! Exciting!

Great day!

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