Monday, March 25, 2013

Speed Press day

This past few months has deepened my understanding of training. Having not trained with KB's or bodyweight with goals in mind for years I needed this. The biggest difference is my level of discipline and commitment. I understand the goal, the process to achieving the goal, the work required and the patience necessary to see things through. Crucial is being healthy as my number 1 goal is leading from the front as a professional and taking care of my family. So, today I was back at it, learning, training, observing, studying, adjusting, and just plain and simply getting stronger!

24 + purple mini 3x8 R

24 + purple mini 3x8 L

Done on the 30 second mark. approximately 9-10 sec/rep

Weighted pull-up

First in weeks with weight. Have the shoulders in a much better place due to all The little things, roll, stretch, strengthen and regularly if not daily.

40/4/4 x 4 with pause.

Ring Dips

Really deep as if in MU position, driving through palm external rotation and adduction. Awesome

Clubbell Arm cast
25/5/5 x 2 PR

Wobbly but good for interconnectedness of all the elements of pressing and pulling, and snatch.

Front lever to L: 1 x 2
Toes2Bar to L: 3 x1

Giant set all w/ 25lbs DBs, 8 reps each x3
Lateral delts
Rear delts
Bicep curl DB
Tricep kickbacks


Mark Reifkind said...

the presses look good Joe, right band. BUT I would put the band in your hand with the kb and clean them both together. easier.great work over all, the accessory work looks good too.

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you Rif, this feedback helps. Your eyes in I trust :)