Monday, March 18, 2013

Speed Day

One of the things I enjoy most about training is learning. The details, the hows, why's, etc. Speed day is very specific, to the untrained eye it can seem like it makes little too no sense. After all, you are using only 60% or so of your max weight. And most trainees want to lift more weight, but one of the many things I have learned from Rif, Westside and Glenn today is the importance of this day in strength training....more to come but read westside to get an idea.

Speed Military Press (all sets done on the 30 second clock equal to 12 sec work and 18 rest)
Left: 24kg plus black mini band/ 3x3 Glenn noted and I felt that it was too slow & went down to the
20kg plus black mini/ 3x5

This video is the 7th set

Right: 20kg plus black mini/ 3x8

This is the 7th set


This is part of the accessory work. As we say in the kettlebell world, a great clean sets up a great press. Note the pause in the rack, here I focus on zipping and connecting, rooting and linking. No issues weight wise, but solid work.

Pull-ups Tactical

Shoulder is much better, still playing it smart but felt powerful. Pause in the hang which equates to each pull being its own pull aka a static pull which is a much greater emphasis on strength. Could add more and will play with this later this week and add in weighted pullups again.

Ring Dips

Emphasized the external rotation/adduction at the top of the move, makes things easier and harder but in the long run stronger

Double Clubbell Arm Cast

Front Lever
3 reps for 5 sec hold

these are in a piked position with my back parallel to the floor and legs to the ceiling. At the completion I do a slow negative through the L-Sit.

Toes 2 Bar

Lateral Delt Raise

Thats all for today, just a good solid training day. I have more work to do later including some home yoga.


Mark Reifkind said...

solid work but we need a red mini band. black has too much tension for now.

Joe Sarti said...

If anything I can drop to a 16kg