Saturday, March 30, 2013


A first time in a long time kinda day. We whipped out the old 32kg bell for snatches today. Nick and I are bumping up and I love it. A bit of a process and transition as the physics of the bell are much different, thus there is a feeling out process. I had a bit of hand issues today which had an effect on my groove, this was because I shaved and filed last night which was a mistake as my hands were raw.

32/3,4,5 x 4
96 total reps

Really pleased with today! The workload was not an issue nor reps, more a bad move with the hands. Also, need to build up callous as this bell causes more friction.

Arm Cast

PR for reps on the 45

Push-up off parallel bars

These are full tension, fully engaged which really increases the challenge. Rif has been helping me to think planche, relative to a goal of mine.

Enough for the day!


Mark Reifkind said...

great job today with that big problem at all

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you :) good day for all at Stones