Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yoga and Budokon

I cannot deny the feeling yoga gives me. I sure could attempt to describe it but words can be a waste sometimes. Lets just say it keeps bringing me back to the mat.

Since I teach regularly I am looking for ways to enhance my students practice, make things challenging and interesting at the same time so there is always an essence of deepening and progression.

I am continually drawn to the Budokon practice on a personal level. Steeped in Hatha and Japanese Budo, it is more than a physical practice and this philosophy/approach matches my interest level. I practice yoga for many reasons, physical is one aspect.

Now, in regards and out of respect to Cameron Shayne and his creation all I practice of his directly is the movements. In essence I observe his way of moving, the grace, elegance and combination flow. This is an integration of the yoga asana, martial arts and animal aspects into one awesome flow. I would love to train directly with him and hope to attend the 30 hour yoga certificate to gain a greater understanding from the source of Budokon, Kancho Shayne himself but until then I practice using his DVDs, and YouTube videos.

Today I took a good part of this practice And added other things into it.

This was awesome, I need to continue to explore this and do some repetition but I loved it. Felt so much release throughout the body, even popped into a freestanding handstand which was a great addition as I have started to practice this with my wife and Rifs help.

Finished with the most important aspect, meditation. After a strong practice, with the body open, energy/Qi and blood flowing and all invigorated I enjoyed settling in and absorbing all the benefits. One of the many aspects about meditation that is crucial is how it slows and deepens the breath, the body, the mind. I feel a sense of quiet calm, a connectedness to my being, the earth, etc.

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