Thursday, March 21, 2013

As a student, As a teacher

The best teachers I know and have experienced are students first and foremost. So I take that cue and study daily, but beyond that much of what I do requires application and practice. Yoga is one of those areas so today what better than to practice yoga.

I love going to yoga class and learning from other teachers but the more I practice the more I need to do my own practice and guide myself and honor my body and what it needs. So, taking all the various classes, practice styles, books, etc. I put it into my own practice today.

The essence of my practice is hatha yoga.

So today comprised of some of the following poses
Down dog
Up dog
Child's pose
Kneeling and standing lunge, added twist
Kneeling and standing splits
Pigeon and variations
Warrior 2 & 3
Standing splits
Standing 1 leg balance
Seated twist
Fire log
Lying twist
Crane to frog and back

I spent a lot of time on floating from downdog and back to plank, floating from down dog to frog, from crane to handstand to plank to updog, etc. these are poses of strength, control, balance and focus. Much of these poses puts me balancing on my hands and this is a High skill that needs practice, thus my need to do this on my own. Positive repetition!

Finished with 20 minutes of meditation followed by 15 minutes of Savasana.


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