Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Double Day, first time long time

Double Day: first time long time for one of these.

Started off with a home yoga practice
worked a lot on strength with crows, arm balances, deep static squats, Cossack, long down dogs, up dogs and a Budokon vinyasa sequence. Great practice today, really coming together. The consistency and home practice allows me to focus on my practice and build as needed.

Part 2: mountain bike
Ok this was the first in well over a year plus and it did not suck as bad as it could have. Part of this is due to my taking the intelligent approach and choosing a trail ride that would allow me to properly build and not be ego driven. I had to remember cadence, gear ratios, balance and all while controlling my lactic threshold which is not very high at this point on the bike. But all those years of riding and one does not forget how to move. Add in the fact I am much more intelligent than years before and I was able to climb solid, recover fast and repeat which is key in mountain biking.

What a great day! So excited that I am coming back into my own, my life and my practice. It has been years and I am off to a good start. Back at it tomorrow with a kettlebell strength day!

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