Monday, March 04, 2013

Westside inspired KB MP

Speed with pause rack and overhead.


Right side for 10 sets
....followed by....
left side for 10 sets.

Held pause longer which equalled 12-14 sec work sets with 16-18 sec rest for all 10. Felt weird mentally doing the same weight/rep scheme so increased intensity focusing on longer pause. Overall no complaints. Did not feel a loss of speed which is key. Interested in week 3

Double clean

Pause 2 sec in rack. Such a different work and intensity doing doubles. Felt stron and did OTM for a bit more conditioning .

Pull-Ups (Cancelled)
Substituted for pull-ups. Supraspinatus was not happy. So focused first on rehab moves strengthening rotators. Everything loosened up so subbed in

Accessory Work 
1 arm sled rows
40/40 with 110lbs. Not hard but great lat contraction and really felt this is a great move to add in or sub for pull-ups here and there.

Sled Bicep curls

Sled Tricep extensions (kickback)

Toes 2 bar
10 to finish

Overall pleased with the day. I was a bit bummed about the shoulder, in particular the supraspinatus was the bugger and I know exactly how and when, doing the bottoms up press last Wednesday combined with moving all weekend really beat the area up. The rehab which is also prehab work makes a giant difference in general. I left with no pain/discomfort.

30 Minutes of yoga


Mark Reifkind said...

which side supraspinitus was bothering? what do you think it came from? presses looked very good. better than last week. have a good saturday!

Joe Sarti said...

Left side. I think it came from the bottoms up, one rep was loose and I believe it tinged it. Better though today, been doing my rehab, deep tissue, etc. Thank you and we will enjoy. Have a wonderful experience at SFG. I want to read the speech :-) I will try to watch ;-)