Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Strength Day and a PR

Started the workout with a nice mobility, foam roll, hang stretch warm up. Did a some clubbell work and some basic pressing.

Week 2 of the stack press. It helps that I had last weeks workout as a prep for today. I felt like I had it in me to progress beyond last week and in the process set a PR. Here is how it went

Stack Press (2KB in one hand)
16 (70lb)/3x1
20 (88lb)/2x1
22 (97lb)/1x2
24 (106 aka the Beast)/1x3 (missed third attempt on L) = PR

Yes! I was stoked to get this PR. 106lb press and for multiple singles is great. My left shoulder is still weaker die to my little twinge from a couple weeks ago but hey, I hit! A much different lever and of course distrubtion of weight plus I do not have the biggest hands which makes things a bit more interesting. 

Double Pistol Negatives (racked position)
24/1/1 (full pistol, second time in 3 weeks, again equal to beast weight)
28/1/1 negatives
32/fail right and fail at parallel on left.

I will take this. I wanted to overload and i did. I got aggressive with the double 32's as the 28's was right but I was happy with this as a whole. A bit playful on my part with the pistol the last 2 weeks, implementing a bit of Westside Barbell.


Support work. Felt good and still notice the left to right grip strength difference, RT being weaker.

1 Arm Row

Support work. Just being smart and decided to take second week off from weighted pull-up. It is a long journey, and being healthy and smart is key. I have no end date in mind to achieve my goal so onward I move with intelligence.

1 Arm Swing

First time doing work sets with this that I can recall. I plan to keep this in the rotation since I noticed the weaker grip this past snatch workout and with a goal of snatching best for reps and sets, better get comfy with it.

Other support work
Bicep, Rear Delts, Serratus, Triceps and HBR, 4 rounds just to keep all the small muscles strong

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