Friday, October 19, 2007

Group Training

Over the past 2+ years I have been spending a good part of my personal training hours working with small groups of up to 12 people. This experience has really helped to grow my business and in the process enabled me to work with more people therefore touching more lives. One of the main premises for me behind group training was to create a way for people who were fiscally trapped to enjoy the benefits of working with a trainer and thus having a support system and education system in place. Let me say that this has been very successful for all parties involved.

Now, over time the training and groups have evolved. I have learned many valuable lessons that have helped me to continue to improve the experience. My biggest group is the fabulous folks at Cisco Systems. I have been working on their campus since 1999 and for the first 6 years my only way of training clients was through one-on-one hour long sessions. However, in the summer of 2005 shortly after obtaining my Kettlebell certification through Pavel and Dragondoor I started small group training. In large part because people have very little knowledge of the kettlebells and the financial aspect.

My groups typically ranged from 3 to 5 people and I had two groups that met on Tuesday and Thursday of every week, one that met at 6:30 -7:15 am and the other from 7:15 to 8 am. This program worked well but the time limitations made it difficult to accomodate certain individuals and in many cases my most ardent of supporters. Because of this there was much inconsistency in the shear number of people who showed up. This was no good for a couple of reasons; one the clients were not on a consistent routine which was affecting there progress and two I had to much financial instability which is already an issue in a profession that is a luxury item for most.

So, sometime last year I opened up the time on Tues/Thurs to a 6:30 to 8 am show when you want and workout out as long as you want type program. My initial findings which are even more confirmed today as new people come in and out (depending if they want to just learn the basics or come for personal training over a period of time) and my regulars are seeing the most progress and consistent efforts ever are that this methodology/approach has really helped eliminate the clients issues and mine. The system is in my mind so well constructed that I am able to implement new folks without skipping a beat all while keeping and maintaining the clientle already in place.

One of the most unique aspects is everyone is on their own program which I personally design and write in their dairies (which they bring each time) and I make changes according to their prior workouts. However, at times we bring everyone or even small contigents of folks together to push and challenge each other and work together at the same time. this changes workout to workout dependent on a number of factors. Injuries are few and far between and results are very high, and things are consistent.

I really compliment all those whom I get the great pleasure of working with, educating, supporting, teaching, coaching, interacting with, and learning from on a daily basis. They have been there to support me and help me to evolve this program, this wonderful system to its level of success today. Moreover, they make getting up early in the morning a great pleasure because they enrich my life and I in turn get to do the same for them (or at least I hope).

Perfect, well that is debately, successful, NO DOUBT about It

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