Sunday, October 28, 2007


What would life be and the existence of the human race and society be without evolution. Primitive, yes in my opinion and in many ways lucky to be around and thriving like we are particularly in terms of the access and options of 'things' that exist. Are we perfect, no and far from it but we are progressing, we are evolving.

I bring this up as I watch and listen to the various discussions about GS style versus RKC (Hard Style) kettlebell training. As I look at both systems I marvel at their unique aspects and different methodologies toward achieving various end results that each aim toward. Myself I use the RKC system as it fits my goals, needs, wants and desires. However, I am keen to learn more about the GS system because it will benefit me as a student of life, a student of the world of strength, conditioning, training and fitness. In fact I am currently doing the 2 main GS exercises Jerks and Snatches but in a Hard Style format (lower reps, more force production via power, strength, speed, acceleration, rest between sets and multiple hand switches).

I am fortunate to be in such a wonderful field with so much spirited conversation around being the best one can be. I have a number of people whom I have a great deal of respect for on both sides of the equation and those who are more toward the middle. In fact the person whom I am coached by is in my opinion in the top 1% overall, Rif.

My thing that I keep in mind is that both have purpose, both have merit, both work for different reasons and different end results and as we move forward to keep in mind that the Kettlebell is a tool aimed at whatever goal you have set and there is no one way other than the one you choose. People will continue to evolve the tool and find wonderful many uses for it. How exciting is that, for me it is awesome because I will continue to bring the best to my clients and find many wonderful uses for such a dynamic tool

With Respect and Gratitude

Evolve yourself!

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