Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snatches and jerks + clubbells

My back felt tight and tweaked from my poor attempt at a deadlift the other day, tried to stiffleg the darn thing, of course not intentionally. therefore instead of snatching the 40 today I went and did the 24, which is a fantastic bell for me and provides plenty of max acceleration work and force production.


total of 130 reps. Key poitns push back the hips and shoulders at the start of the descent which in turn reduces the centripedal force due to a shorter radius (lever) and this means less hand stress, closer to the body and a faster ascent all while reducing the stress on the back as well. Plus I can use more of my strong suit, my legs with the squatty style snatch. I like the form and the speed.

Jerks (2kb)

Stay flat on the heels on the initial dip and drive those bells of the chest with a strong bump, dip and catch. Love this move, it feels very athletic and natural. For me there always is a learning curve but once I get something I feel I can perfect it and I am on my way.

Clubbell work: my first such experience
rock its
front back swings
one arm side rockits
one arm side swings
front swing to torch( one and two bells)
pendulums ( one and two bells)
inside/outside pendulums (first time I tried these,solid)
flag presses one and two bells
torch press one and two bells
front press one and two bells
back position work
armpit cast( first time for this-not bad at all glad to see those millions of db and machine pullovers I did weren't wasted)
swipes with one and two bells( another first, rough but no problem with basic form,excellent!)

I am not sure exactly what to say. Different in a very good way and enjoyable. Lots of skill and technique involved but a nice compliment to the KBs. As rif said, this needs its own day as my shoulders and forearms were already well worked and there is a heavy amount of grip and shoulder work. Interesting mechanical movement patterns combined with physics and a very interesting conceptual model....things that make you go hmmm.

Great workout, body feels really good plus I had a good yoga workout last night and will do some nice stretch work today.

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