Friday, October 19, 2007

Presses and Pull-ups

A quiet Friday on the work front so I took advantage of my time today. Lately I have been reading some excellent books and many of them seem to have the same factor, the Human Spirit and a sense of adventure (all non-fiction). So I have been inspired. One thing I really enjoy is being outdoors. I love taking time during the day to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Surprisingly in a big area like Northern California there is a number of diverse and excellent outdoor experiences and coupled with the weather this makes it possible year round. Therefore I went out for a trekking session which is a combo hike/run. I covered around 4 miles and stopped with Jaz at the Reservoir so she could swim for a short bit and for a little peace, quiet and reflection for myself

25 minutes of Power Yoga (intermediate level +)



Hard pressing this bell. We are talking over half my body weight in a big ball of cast iron. However, I just focus on the techniques of rooting, creating tension, using the lat and crushing the grip. Nice to ladder (pyramid) up to a set of 5 and an increase in total volume over last week

8x4 (bodyweight)

kept the volume down. Simply put I am doing a lot of pulling work and therefore getting heaps of elbow flexion work and I am making sure to be aware of this fact considering this week I will increase in my weighted pull-ups, deads, heavy snatch workout and jerk workout. Plus, I have the MAX VO2 snatch session tomorrow.

I sure feel great!

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