Saturday, October 06, 2007

Snatch, Pistol, Swing

Took a step back today. My body is feeling really good but I can tell all the work I have incurred and today I felt it best to back off.


My hands held up and I felt like I had a better position with the bell in my hand using the 32kg....very important and no tears.
In addition, the pendulum motion is smoother due to the hands and an increase in my fluidity. Strong sets and reps today


Now why only 2 sets. First because i do not feel this is an exercise I have too or want too do high reps in. I feel really strong and consistent and my body feels good. No hip, knee or back issues and that is how I wish to keep things

Swings (1 Arm)

Found a really strong groove here especially in sets 3 through 5 and felt no back stress, very pleased!


For about 30 minutes today as well. This has been really helping me with my overall ROM and flexibility on the whole and I am moving more freely and that is a GREAT feeling.


Franz Snideman said...

It's very important to listen to your body and you seem to be very good at listening to those signals!

Sounds like life is good!

Joe said...

Good is an understatement. Life is a blessing and I am enjoying each and everyday. I am looking for ways to further enhance my ability to make a difference and a bigger impact. I see the world and I look at our society and I believe the world which holds so much potential is being limited and I am working to make a change, be the difference. Nice to know I have friends like you and Yoanna and I look forward to reaching larger audiences.

blessings my friend