Friday, October 05, 2007

Run, Bells and Yoga

Well I have been wanting to get back on my feet and run. At this point I want to focus more on speed and speed endurance training as well as agility. I want to put all this wonderful athletic training I have been doing in the gym into practice on the field and today was my first day.

After my morning clients I took advantage of the field I was training at, put on my cleats and ran the soccer field. I did some tempo runs, agility drills and then my favorite, sprint work.

I could not believe how explosive of I felt and truly am. Better yet I felt my acceleration and how strong I am due to all this training and how powerful I am. WOW! This was an awesome experience and on my first day doing this type of training in a long while

Press and Pull-up superset



5x5 for pull-ups

Yoga: 30 minutes of good stretching

Great all around day!

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