Saturday, October 27, 2007


My nemisis it would seem, the MAX VO2 15/15 work to rest Snatches (weight is not my issue). My body loves strength, speed, power and repetitive action but it also love to regenerate its ATP-CP system for max effort. Well, not possible with this program protocol so you do your best. I will say there was a dramatic improvement in muscular force. One due to adaption and two my new techniques.

Here is the breakdown
Windmill 16/5/5x2
Squats 16/5/5x2
Snatch 16/5/5x2

The Workout
16/7 for 20/20 sets each side for 20 minutes.

Total volume 300 (including the 20 warm-up) or a cool 5 tons and 10000 lbs

Note: The low back was visible at round 16 but very slight and I feel no issues other than a real mild muscle ache which believe me is major progress

Heart Rate
156 at 20 minutes
136 at 45 seconds later
120 at 1:10

Fast recovery and fascinating MaxHR response. Give me a bigger load and it will be a different story; add 5 minutes but still using the 16kg and no change. I could feel the consistent beat and load and it would fit right in my Target Heart Rate Zone
My resting pulse is 52 and age of 32 (167.5 is my 85% or high end).

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