Friday, October 26, 2007

Presses, Squats, Pistols and more

Wow, for the first time in a long time I was able to get in an early morning workout. I used to love starting my day with a workout but with business this is rarely possible.


I chose this weight so I could focus in and hone my techniques. After last weeks big 40kg workout I noticed that my left levator activated and this made for an uncomfortable feeling for a couple of days. So I want to focus on keeping my shoulder in the socket as I pressed, creating space between my ear and shoulder.

Squat (1kb)


I really enjoy squats as well as pistols so today with the weights I had handy (no 40 and only a single 32) I decided to see how it felt and what the effects of doing squats before pistols. I kept the volume low on the squats but I could definitely feel that preparing myself with squats before pistols made a positive impact.

8x5 (bodyweight)

tempo conditioning runs
1 length of the soccer field repeated for 10 efforts at about 70%
1/2 soccer field for 6 efforts at 80%

Look, let me totally honest...I love to be on my feet and move fast. I prefer to chase a ball or be chased but I love moving. Plus, the smell of fresh cut crash, cleats digging into the ground, legs and arms pumping just is awesome. I know I am best suited for sprint or repeated sprint motions so this type of conditioning will help prepare my body and increase my speed endurance. It is really wonderful to put in use all the strength, power, speed training.

Foam roll, stick in Psoas and Glute Med/Piriformis, ample specific stretching all helped to open my hips.

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