Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snatch, Jerks, Clubbells


80 total reps

Jerks (2 kbs)

25 total reps


one arm torch swing
two bell torch swing 10 lbs
one bell torch swing 15 lbs x 10 reps each arm.
one bell torch press
two bell torch press
one bell torch press 15 lbs x5
two bell flag press
one bell flag press 15 lbs x3 HARD!
two bell front press
one bell front press 15 lbs x3
outside/inside swings
two bell pendulum to flag press 10 lbs
one arm cast
two bell casts
one bell two hand barbarian cast 15 lbs x5
two handed arm cast one bell 15 lbs x5


Franz Snideman said...

aha...I see you have been training with the Rif Master! Must be since you are using clubbells.

How you like them?

Joe said...

Hmm..I think they are going to be a fun addition. It is too early to tell how I "like them" but I do know I am working and I sure do feel the fatigue.

I enjoy the fact that they involve a coordinated effort and provide elbow extension work to balance out all the flexion I am doing.

I may have to get my own. :-)