Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snatches and jerks

The continual evolution with the program design. At my suggestion I mentioned to Rif that I wanted to change a couple things with my plan, here is the new plan

Pistol or Swings (most likely swings because I want these in my program. They really help me with my Snatch and are excellent in general, the basis of the snatch and clean)

Snatch Heavy (alternate between 28, 32, and 40) weekly
2kb Clean and Jerks

Press (Heavy)
Pull-up (bodyweight for reps)

Snatch (VO2 max workout or SSST)
Squat (2kb heavy) or Pistol

Todays workout

Bend at the hips at beginning of descent from top position. This keeps the bell close to the body and makes me look more like I am squatting. I feel this technique has a lot of promise for minimizing load on body and hands and maximizing force and acceleration. Hands are sore but no tears.

Clean and Jerk (2kb)

Form work! Learning the groove and move. I decided I wanted to do the long cycle and not just the jerks. Really love the all around work this move provides. I feel this is going to be a great move for my body based on my feel and Rif's feedback.

Good workout. The loads and volume will continue to increase and fluctuate but this is a great step in the right direction. Through this whole process from the TSC to now I am learning so much more about training and program design for making consistent progress and minimizing risk of injury. I am enjoying the mastery aspect. Good one today: 3 methods of training (submax, maximal and repetition loading) all which are in my program design! Sounds smart and effective especially combined with the wave periodized approach.


Franz Snideman said...

The program design looks solid and well structured! Interesting that RIf thinks your body would do well with the long cycle clean and jerk. Very cool!

One of these days we'll actually catch each other on the phone when we are available :)

Joe said...

That would be nice to chat via phone, I will try you again and see if I can catch you. It just means we are doing well ;-)