Saturday, October 13, 2007

Max VO2

Well, I am at it again with this plan. During the TSC I did 2 rounds, lasting on 30 rounds or 15 minutes before my back felt the tightness. So I was curious today with this new snatch concept (I know, yet another) how it would go.

Snatch 15/15seconds, work/rest

For volume sakes this is not much. Ideally I should do 7 or even 8 (all out) reps/15 second interval. However, I want to build slowly and with form. After all slow and steady wins the race. In the prior two experiences I went for 6 and 7 reps and that just did not work. So, the report is my low back feels great. I was aware at around 31 but nothing that stopped me and I could have done the 50 set or 25 minute version. To say the least I am pleased.

Pistols (heavy day)

By far my strongest performance with this weight! I can see and feel my strength is coming along Strong.

The wisdom of a good program design, with good progression, listening well and consistency.


Mark Reifkind said...

joe, you didnt do left then right and then rest did you? you did right arm, rested, then left correct?
the way you wrote it,
16kg 5/5 confused me.

Joe said...

yes, lt/rest/rt/rest and so on. Believe me I have seen you do this enough times, ;).

Felt really good. I like the workout....PS 168 at the end