Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Almost, but not quite

Some days you have and some days you don't. Today I just did not have it all together and missed on Taming the Beast. However, if you know anything about I am the furtherest thing from disappointed and if anything more humbled and at the same time motivated. Just like the greats of sports, I want the ball in my hand on the last play and in this case I am stoked to get another chance next Friday, the 15th at the RKC. There are any number of potential reasons why I was unable to do it today and you know to a man I have no excuse other than I was unable to complete the task so I go regroup, train and prepare to go out and do it again. This is what I am most proud of, is my attitude and how healthy I feel. Many people may not truly understand how or why I feel the way/approach things the way I do. Honestly, because I believe it to be of a healthy mindset. I am not quitting, giving up, conceding, in fact none of the above. I am going to continue to train, push, and deepen my internal focus.

Where would we be with out the trials and tribulations of life? And, heck better to miss now than on the day. I know I have the strength, ability, technique, etc as I have done each move before and in fact many times for the pistol and multiple times for the press. I relish this moment and look forward to continue to process and transform it into something special and continue to deepen my purpose and character.

Plus, it felt good to have the weight in my hands and attempt the 3 moves together. The pistol is by far my best move and the Press is there just have to slow down and tighten up, get my fundamentals in place and the pull-up needs about a .25 inch to be over the top.

Great day


Mark Reifkind said...

attempting maxes in the gym is very, very tough. I think this will help you get the lifts next week at the cert. plus as you said, you handled the weight well and really just barely missed the pullup.

Joe Sarti said...

thank you Rif, that is why you are such a wonderful coach. I appreciate that wisdom and all the support/coaching.

Brett Jones said...

You'll complete the challenge - a little "motivation" from the crowd and it'll happen.
Look forward to seeing you there.

Joe Sarti said...


Appreciate that motivation, I look forward to taking the challenge and savoring the moment.

Look forward to catching up with you in person. Safe travels

Carl Sipes said...

Brett and Rif are right Joe. Next week will tell a different story. Good luck if I don't talk to you before then.

Joe Sarti said...

Thanks Carl!