Monday, February 18, 2008

RKC Summary

I would like to thank my group, Doc Hartle, Tyler and the students, Mike, Asha, Chris, Adam, Cristina, Claudia, Scott, Jeff, Karen, John, George and Louis. They showed up everyday willing to work and learn and play as a team. I was impressed by everyone in our group and the experience as a whole.

The leaders of the RKC system are always open and looking for ways to improve the experience and that is very obvious in the fact that I have seen the changes first hand since my cert in April of 2005.

A special thanks to Chris Holder and his San Jose State Staff for opening their facility up and putting out a great effort to everyone. As a grad of the school I am super proud of the program, the new facility and the people training the athletes of SJSU. Go Spartans!


Brett Jones said...

Great seeing you at the RKC - you will get the Beast Challenge - just need to hit those pull-ups a bit differently as we discussed.
Thank you for all your great work at the cert and look forward to the next time.

Joe Sarti said...


Always an honor and pleasure working with you and thank you for sharing your tips, ideas and encouragement, it is truly appreciated. Thank you for noting my work at the Cert, I take what I do to heart and want to represent the RKC system.

Continued success in all your endeavors and look forward to the Meet Numbers