Friday, February 08, 2008

Today & Everyday Champion

Each day we awaken to new possibilities, new opportunities, new encounters, new lessons, and of course our ‘daily’ routine. Often because life can and is such a routine we are oblivious to these new opportunities that surround us. This is why it is ever so important to savor the moment, to truly savor the journey and look past the destination, look past the stagnation that is or can come from the day to day routine.

Today is my day! This is my day to be the best I can be to live and represent the values, attitudes, morals that I aspire to live my life by. Today I am a champion of these attitudes and I will lead be example. Today I evolve myself to a higher level of being, today I make and be the difference

Below is Lessons and Questions from the Way of the Champion worthy of a look and consideration

Chapter 5: Lessons on Emotional Management

Lessons as Affirmations:
• I choose to function outside the sphere of emotional vulnerability, and when I do this, I claim the advantage.
• When I perform, I act as if I am a champion by controlling all that is within my power.
• I project the presence of a champion by being passionately connected to how that feels, and I demonstrate it during a game.
• I use meditation, visualization, and affirmations to relax, focus, and play like a champion.
• I cannot control results, so I focus on controlling the process.
• When I commit an error or make a mistake, I use I.P.R.
• In order to improve, I must sacrifice and suffer, as adversity is the doorway to greatness
• I refuse to remain complacent. I desire greatness.

Questions on the Quest:
• In what specific ways might you have to sacrifice and suffer? What is sacrifice and suffering for you?
• What five aspects of your sport, work, or life (physical, mental, emotional) can you control? What needs to be done to take control?
• What two specific situations in your game or life cause you to overreact and get emotionally upset? What specifically, can be done to help you avoid these reactions or get back on track quickly when thrown off?

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