Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strength and Awareness

Strength and Awareness! I am feeling the body and minds strength and awareness growing. This is offering a much more rewarding practice as I truly am enjoying and experiencing the moves.

The path to mastery is ever evolving and a journey that is never ending or at least I hope. However, there a stages or levels that we achieve along the way that enhance our understanding and compassion.

I am realizing this not only with Yoga but even Kettlebells. Yesterday I had an opportunity to work with Rif at Kettlebell Workshop for Axis Fitness in Menlo Park. And as I listened to Rif, I realized that we speak a similar tongue not necessarily in depth of overall knowledge but in true understanding of the bell, it uses, its movement, its practical nature, its implementation and value that it provides my client base. I realized that I am truly a teacher/coach/conveyor of movement and that I am on my path and I am thankful for the levels of mastery and I truly am taking steps in the process.

This week I have a workshop I am offering at Cisco which is expecting 30 people and in 1 hour I will teach them to swing, squat and press, all by myself. How exciting this is for me and I know it will be for them. I love the opportunity to teach and work with people who are interested in whatever brings them to the workshop. I know it will be fun, informative and they will walk out with something they can take with them (no, not free kettlebells :-).

What a great path!


Mark Reifkind said...

dude, thanks so much for helping me out; you were a great resource and caught things I missed and they needed to know.long day but a good one!

Joe Sarti said...

Thanks Man, I appreciate you asking me and I enjoyed being part of the workshop//seminar. Great work, only your first one