Tuesday, February 05, 2008


My journey in Yoga continues. I practice multiple times a week (at least 5 days) and each time I learn valuable insights

Some Lessons Learned:

*Where I am tight, restricted, imbalance that particular day/moment

*How to improve an particular or multiple Asanas most important how they relate to alignment, breath, overall movement.

*What I need to do more of

*How much improvement I am making

*Why I practice this form of movement and meditation

*The importance of making this a daily practice

*How relaxed and ALIVE my body and mind feel

*How in tune I am with myself and how to tune into myself

*The importance of balance in mind, body, spirit

*How amazing it is to be able to move

These are just some of my observations as I come to a close of my practice this evening. 50 minutes combined with shoulder opening and hip opening, two areas I can definitely improve. This truly is a journey for me and one I am enthusiastically taking.
2 months from now I will be in Costa Rica immersing myself in the practice of yoga and furthering my personal development.
In the meantime the Beast awaits tomorrow

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