Monday, February 25, 2008

Snatch and Swing

Been a while since I have done any "volume" work. So today was a big change of pace hitting the Snatch for reps and doing swings which seem to be a foreign thing, at least in my workouts.

32/5/5x10 (100 total)

Felt really good today. The groove felt strong start to finish and the only thing I noticed is the hands were a little sore from the pure volume. I thought I would do 5 sets but Rif and I both were moving at a good clip and it felt great

2 hand Swing

Focused on linking and rooting feeling the muscles work to contract and keep my body tight. Hammie started to get a little cranky so I stopped 1 set shy of the goal of 5. Just playing smart as I get more reps and volume in.

30 minutes of yoga practice

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