Friday, February 15, 2008

The Beast Challenge & Day 1 of the RKC

Missed it by a hair on my chin but so close. What a great day at the RKC. Everytime I attend one of these events I am reminded of the power behind people all with a common interest coming together for one momentous occassion and in this case weekend. How wonderful today to meet so many new and absolutely excellent people and to see some old colleagues and make a reconnect. There are some truly talented and inspiring folks filled with passion and drive and a willingness to grow and share. I am thankful and grateful for this opportunity that the RKC has bestowed upon me.

I am with a wonderful group, including my client/friend Mike Kootsouradis and Asha Wagner, both whom passed their snatch tests and performed excellent today. Asha tamed the Womens Beast with ease using the 24kg "mutant" level strength. The rest of the group headed by Dr. Mike Hartle and the other assistant Tyler Brammlet is a great cast of characters whom prepared well and faired excellent today. I am look forward to the rest of the weekend with them.

What an experience! If you are an enthusiast or desire to take your KB/general training knowledge base to another or new level then do yourself a favor and come learn for these folks. Rif, Brett, Pavel, Castrogiovanni, Andrea, etc. and the whole lot are truly a great group of knowledgable professionals.


Jordan Vezina said...

Great attitude Joe. I know next time you'll get it. Sounds like the start of a good weekend down there.

Carl Sipes said...

Wish I was there. Sounds like a great time. Will you attempt "The Beast Challenge" again this weekend? If so, TAME THAT THING!

Aaron Friday said...

I thought you'd nail it, Joe. Great effort.