Wednesday, February 27, 2008

working the kinks out

Working on the kinks in the new program design. Per my conversation with Rif we are continuing with Monday squats and going to mix with deadlifts and swings at the end (assuming I am not fried). So changing some things with the Wed workout

Clean and Press

Ok, any time I touch that 40kg I am humbled. It is nver 'easy' to move and truly requires my 100% undivided attention.

Today I increased via the addition of a set which was the right call. I am not sure 4 reps was in the equation not with the technique I am working so hard to continually solidify and improve. But they went up strong today and I feel good with this progression ....another set next week


this was the appropriate protocal for sets and reps today. I want to focus on pulling my chin 'way' over the bar and getting my top end strength. These went well and adding another set next week, keeping to the reps.

Great workout today and I was pleased to not be sore just a bit oof CNS fatigue from Mondays 'volume' workout


Carl Sipes said...

Is your C+P double KB or single?

Joe Sarti said...