Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yoga & KB's

5:15 am

15 minute Yoga Chi Flow.

75 minute Iyengar Class @ 9:30
This type of yoga places a large emphasis on alignment (posture), and holding the Asana (pose) for time building strength and flexibility. Todays class was a beginner class with an upper body focus. The instructor encouraged us to move at our own pace and not to come out complaining about how hard the class was.

As I moved through the poses and class I was really intune with where my body was and how my body was responding to the Asanas. I could feel where I was tight and what the effects of that tightness was doing to me. This enabled me to adjust and align properly while staying within my breathe and pushing just far enough.

The awareness I am developing about my body and space as well as my mind in relation to my body and space is tremendous. I feel far more connected and thus more strength and balance, which are essential principles in life.

Kettlebells (lunch time)

Turkish Get-Up

Someone need remind that this is a great move, wow! I feel every muscle working to produce the fluid movement. Plus, the heart rate comes up fast. At this point they are in my program design. I am not sure if I am going to alternate weeks of TGU and Windmill or have both in the program.

As you may be able to distinguish I am putting a large effort into the Yoga so I want to see how I adapt to the longer classes and frequency of the classes with the KBs.

Train Smart!

Clean and Press

Sh*t that was tough today. My shoulders, upper body are a bit fatigued and I can tell. The Left side is still a bit more of a struggle vs the right.

Key point:
*A great clean is essential to a strong press

*pull that shoulder down and ride the stretch reflex and push the bell up. Think of a rubber band, when you draw the shoulder down with the lat it will respond by letting loose and helping you push that bell to the top.

* Snap those HIPS and engage your glutes and abs creating core strength, linking your upper and lower body and giving you a large mass of area to push off.

*Tense your grip, on BOTH hands.

*do not be afraid to grunt, it is proven that the grunt enables you to use more force.

*Enjoy the Pain and Pleasure associated with pushing yourself 'up the hill', the view is spectacular and there is very few that are up there enjoying, so there is plenty of room. ;-)

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