Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Workout Plan

Well with the completion of the Beast Challenge (and last years TSC) it is that time to reevaluate my goals and program design. This has been difficult for me because I truly am conflicted in terms of direction I wish to head.

I love yoga, and the soft arts of Tai-Chi and Aikido and have a deep desire and truly and more importantly an inner calling to put my energy in this direction. Lets just say that have been in my life since I was 20 years old when I had the opportunity to study with my best friend and cousin Mark Saia and a master, his master. I did take advantage of this for a short while but truly was not focused, nor ready to understand why I should be doing these arts.

I also truly enjoy the power lifts and the rare opportunity to work with another master/world class coach in Mark Reifkind. I love the strength, the feel of the power, the feel of the exertion of pure effort and desire meeting and pairing with the long road of training and refining technique.

However, with the Yoga certification coming up in April and my main strength and conditioning work focusing on my favorite tool, the kettlebell I feel it is time that I direct my energy to Yoga and continue my practice with the Kettlebells, placing the power lifts on the back burner. This is tough because I want to do it all but Rif has taught me so much about training and these principles apply in life as well and thus I need to focus and train for the yoga and continue to perfect my KB's as this is what is I do for a living.

What I mean by do for a living is practicing what I preach, which is KB's and Yoga. I preach this to clients and I want them to understand that I walk a similar path and I am out learning and improving and challenging and most important practicing what I am teaching, thus making me not only their teacher but also a student thus making a reciprocal relationship.

So here it is
3 days of KB's (which I have to determine what days exactly so I can fit around work and the Yoga schedule but this is the basic look)
Monday: (with Rif)

Clean and Press


Yoga classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and/or a Sunday. Plus a 30 minute practice on M/W/F

Through April this is the plan and I will revamp, play with, etc. as I progress forward till then and go from there.

NOTE: This was a tough choice and in life we are faced with many 'tough choices'. As the previous post stated go with your inner callings and know in your heart that this excitement is all the evidence you need to have your inner passion become reality.


Franz said...


Great seeing at the RKC! Sounds like you have made some decisions in the direction you want to take your training...and your career. It's always good to have clarity.

Let us know when you are coming down to SD!

Ashlin said...

Hey Joe, good stuff. Do you practice any particular style of Yoga? Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anasura, etc? Cheers, dude.

Joe Sarti said...

Ashtanga is my primary, using a variety of vinyasa flows. I do enjoy hatha for the restorative aspect.
I have yet to experience Iyengar or Anasura.

I am super excited to learn more at my Certification in April which is mixed. From here and through practice I will look to continue my studies is one of the forms for more specific focus.

cheers back at you Ashlin, keep in touch and tell what you practice

Joe Sarti said...


So great seeing you, yoana and Marianna. I hope I get to see you all soon in San Diego and tell natasha I said hello and we have to practice yoga again.

take care my friend

Ashlin said...

Hey, Joe. Cheers for replying. I practiced Iyengar for a year, taking classes. Then took Ashtanga classes for a year. They're very different. Iyengar is very strict on alignment, in a good way. They give very detailed explanations on the form for each posture. Anasura, likewise. I enjoy Ashtanga most though because of the strength it requires to perform the full vinyasa (jump-back up into handstand, jump-though, etc--although I'm not quite there yet). I stopped practicing yoga to focus on strength training, and GS. I've since started practicing Ashtanga again and whilst my flexibility has diminished slightly I found the strength I've gained to be extremely helpful in things like jump-throughs and jump-backs during vinyasa. Anyway, cheers dude, I'm enjoying your blog.

Joe Sarti said...


Thank you for your kind words and feedback. I like your assessment of the yoga's. From my understanding of the various forms and the uniqueness you are right on and I think you personal experience with Ashtanga form is exactly why my interest is drawn there.

I hope to do a good amount of Ashtanga in the weeks before my cert since I believe the strength developed through the full Vinyasa will benefit my 15 straight days that lie ahead in April

Great to see you combining the multi training elements, sounds like we have many interest in these areas in common.

Keep in touch and continue to contribute when you have time or something you would like to share.

With Gratitude