Saturday, February 16, 2008

The RKC magic continues

There is something about community and like minded individuals gathering in one place thats just plain and simple put, special. I feel privileged to be with such a group this weekend and just as always time like these remind me of why I take my free time to contribute. The wealth of information that is shed over these 3 days, the number of people I encounter, and the ability to share with & learn from others makes this so unique.

I am fortunate that I get to experience this daily with my clients, co-workers, etc. but this is so unique because it is for me so great to see some truly special folks and of course work with a great group of trainees. This group is so strong, so well prepared, so open to learning and improving that I am inspired to continue on this path and continue to contribute to this wonderful organization.

Tomorrow is the big finale and I am excited to see our group perform. I feel like we have prepped them to succeed and matched with their determination I see a perfect score coming.

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