Monday, February 11, 2008

Competition preparation teaches and one lesson I am learning is the transition from peaking in training to peaking on Competition day. I have done each of the beast moves with the beast within the last month of my training but that does not ensure success on the given competition day.

There is a fine line between peaking during the training cycle and properly resting up prior to the 'day'.

That all being said today I did work with the 40kg, light volume through low reps.


I hit the first and third lifts but missed #'s 2 and 4. Key was pulling my hands in closer together made a difference. I could stand to be less weight as well. I am heavier than I should be and anticipated at this point. I have added some muscle and that made getting to170 very difficult.



Felt flat today, more so than Friday. Resting up through the week to recover and looking forward to Friday.

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