Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snatch #'s Yoga and Practice/Mastery

Well I did not know that I had to pass the Snatch test all over again so today I went out to test where I was and in the process passed the test


This was surprisingly easier than I had anticipated but I tell you I have great respect for those numbers as my lungs were burning.


Followed this up with a 90 minutes Yoga sessions (mixed Iynegar/Ashtanga). Great class with great philosophy being taught throughout. The one concept that stuck in my mind was that yoga is a practice that is breathe controlling movement. In yoga it is the breath that moves you not the opposite. And, you do not want to move yourself so far in Asana that you lose control over the rhythm of your breathe.

Morning Practice
Yesterday in my practice I came across this 15 minute yoga chi flow movement. It combined yoga with Tai Chi and no yoga mat necessary. I enjoyed it so much that I am working it in my daily morning wake up routine to see if this is something that suits me.

Today I awoke at my same 5;15 time, brewed my coffee and practiced this movement and I have to say it felt great. I am doing the same thing the rest of this week as I test it out.

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