Thursday, March 06, 2008

You know what you are

As I truly reflect on me as a person and as an athlete I am a martial artists in the deepest and truest sense of the term. I am so attracted to the arts, their beauty, grace, flow, strength and power. I long the physique, the mobility, the balance and the deep skill and meditation/focus/concentration required. I have a deep desire to learn more about the arts specifically Tai Chi and Aikido.

However, right now I am working on yoga and absolutely love this practice. I am finding that 30 minutes in the morning is the ideal practice for me. I truly want to integrate yoga with my business/clients and plan on teaching a couple classes a week. Recently I came across Budokon. Now, I have heard peoples thoughts (although I am not sure how truly knowledgable they are on the subject) and felt that I had to see for myself.

What interested me most is that it is a blend of martial arts and yoga. Curious as I am and being a true passion of mine (both these arts) I decided to purchase a DVD and choose the Power and Agility DVD. Instantly and after only practicing 5 of the 25 to 30 moves I absolutely am intrigued to say the least. I have much more to learn and see but at this point I am hooked. I have only had the DVD since yesterday and I have practiced the 5 moves I watched both days and can see the beauty of this art.

It feels like a great active recovery and would be a nice compliment to my program. Since I am not at this point ready to join a martial arts studio this self guided practice is something I want to work into my program, keeping it simple with just these 5 moves for a few days and maybe adding a move or 2 every few days.

I feel that this type of mobility and athletic movement combined with the strength and conditioning from the KB's, the pure flexibility, conditioning and strength of yoga and the integrated moves of yoga/martial arts of budokon are quite a beautiful mix.

Principle wise they are one in the same. I treat the bells like a martial art as I do yoga. All are disciplines based on learning the skill and how your body relates to the moves and finding yourself within the move. The require focus, dedication, commitment and are not time intensive but movement intensive and this I enjoy.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Jen Muoto said...

Wow! I just checked out the Budokon looks fascinating. It am sure I would be hooked if I tried it.

Thanks for sharing!

Joe Sarti said...

Jen, you are very welcome. I have been surprised to say the least and hooked for certain. I cannot wait to learn from the creator himself. He will be in Los gatos in June for a weekend intensive at los gatos yoga source.

thank you Jen

Jen Muoto said...

Hi Joe,

Yes, I saw that weekend intensive listed on their website ~ I will probably attend, provided I enjoy the dvd. I love the concept of blending martial arts with yoga, as they are two of my favorite disciplines.

Take good care and have a nice weekend!