Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yoga and BudoKon

Morning Yoga Practice
Sun Salutation A
Sun Salutation B (included crescent lunge, warrior 1, 2 and 3, reverse warrior, side angle, triangle poses and seated forward bend)

I notice the energy level difference and a more relaxed state of being through the day.

Afternoon basketball
Shot hoops with a couple guys playing 21. Forgot what it was like to put all this training into action. In fact I was able to grab touch the rim which is awesome considering I have not been 'jumping' in the literal sense in years. Felt the cardio of the game but I could see my athleticism was very good even though I have not played hoops in many, many, years. game took about 25 minutes.

Mid Afternoon/Evening: Budokon
This was my first full workout following the DVD. I have a good enough understanding to follow along but still need more practice with some of the more complex combinations. The DVD kicks arse and I was sweating and my heart was beating, body moving and I could feel the flow, the yoga aspects and the Martial Arts movements.

In fact much of the workout comes out of a version of the down dog, the chaturanga, and includes a 10 minute yoga session at the end plus a 5 minute meditation warm-up and about 8 minute mediation cool down.

Super effective and truly does integrate all the aspects I look for in a movement art and in my life. LOVE IT!

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