Saturday, March 15, 2008

Self Guided Practice

The Importance of Self Guided practice cannot be understated. This takes a great amount of discipline and a knowledge base. It is said in Yoga that all students and teachers of yoga should make time and create a self guided practice. For me this is a majority of how I practice yoga. Due to the fact that I am attending certification in April I decided that it is a must for me to integrate and experience a variety of teachers, schools, philosophies and types of yoga.

Today I took myself through an Ashtanga series of yoga movements. I took all the little tips, etc. I have learned recently and put them to practice doing the asanas I felt I needed to work on for my body. This type of practice and learning will help me as I begin to formulate my own classes.

My goal is to arise each morning and do my own series of yoga movements to awaken the body, open the mind and center myself for my day. This has been a practice I have been doing 4 to 5 days a week presently and will move to 7 days a week once I return from the certification. As of now I do my self morning practice on the days I do not attend a class. The other mornings I take time to read books that help facilitate the same process I do with my morning yoga practice.

Like yoga Budokon is something I am learning on my own through the use of DVD's. At this point it suffices and therefore I practice at least 6 days a week in varying time and sequences. I still have about 10 moves to learn on the DVD and currently have 15 that I have a decent to excellent understanding of. Not only do I have to practice each move but I have to learn how to integrate all the moves into the actual workout sequence provided with the DVD. Typical I use the technique manual and practice each move one by one.

The beautiful part is that Budokon has a large degree of yoga integrated with the Martial Arts. When I practice I see the layers of movement arts all assembled in to a beautiful blended choreography of moves. My body moves through every plane challenging my kinestetic feedback/awareness.

I truly see myself taking this art and learning to integrate it into my life practice and into my business practice. Not only is it fun but the combination of different movement arts will benefit all who practice. Strength, agility, balance, flexibility, stability, core, cardiovascular, coordination, meditation, concentration, all flowing. The fact that Budokon is based of off the Japanese Budo and Hatha Yoga system makes it a a beautiful, athletic all encompassing combination in my mind.

I have inquired about the certification process and plan to go to the Red Belt certification course. From there I want to teach and practice this art of the warrior and have it work to compliment my KB strength work and yoga mind/body flexibility, strength work.

The way I see it is
KB's represent Yang
Yoga represents Yin
Budokon represents the blend of Yin and Yang.

I am training myself to be a peaceful warrior in my daily life and these practices along with my other personal practices all flow so well and compliment each other and me in a beautiful package. My life is and continues to evolve and transform along these lines and I am allowing the flow releasing control and letting all these wonderful things enter me and give me what I need. I am listening to the universe, the greater calling of life and moving/flowing with it all.

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