Sunday, March 02, 2008


I have not been adding much depth and detail to my post as of recent due to a number of other endeavors. I have recently done
*3 kettlebell seminars

*a healthy lifestyle seminar,

*redesigned and uploaded my website which I am still tinkering with (all own work, no web guy help) and on that I have written a number of articles,

*I am working on a writing project now which is a work in progress so a bit of time daily dedicated to that,

*practicing my yoga daily

*my 3 weekly kb/strength workouts,

*Beginning my transformational life coaching course, which rocks

*Getting my 7 hours of sleep

*Eating well

*Reading daily, 1 chapter of these 2 books: Thinking Bodies, Dancing Minds and Change your thoughts, Change your life)

*Training clients 6 to 7 hours a day

*practicing/living my life's practices

All this is interrelated and builds upon my foundation and my continued evolution. After this weekend things will calm as I will have no seminars to teach till the end of the month and I will have no classes to attend. The focus will be continue my daily practices and living in balance, peace and harmony. This has been an unusual time in the amount of things all happening at once and thus I have been having to work more efficiently to make to stay in balance, peace and harmony. I realize this is just a period of time and it will pass and I will be a better person because of it. I love life and I love the process and journey. I am enjoying this intense period of time and appreciating the personal growth.

Stay tuned and I wish you all balance, peace and harmony

with gratitude

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