Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why we need a change in leadership

Why we need a change in leadership

The world is continuing to evolve and things are not how ‘they used to be’. Times are truly changing and it is important that we have people who understand the changes, who have a vision for working with the world, the communities of the world, the communities of those in our own land.

It is important that we have leadership that can transcend politics as usual, leadership that is willing to challenge status quo, a leadership that is willing to stand for something and stand for the everyday person. We need a leadership that will help people of different philosophical believes, religious beliefs, political and social beliefs. We need a leadership that will serve not only the corporations/big businesses but will serve the people who serve the corporations, the people who support these corporations, the people of this country. We need a leader who will help the rest of the world come together to understand that we all need each other no matter how you characterize it.

The reality is people need people, we need business, we need other nations, we need immigrants, we need taxes, we need leaders who are willing to breakdown that walls that are preventing us, the people of this world from having a quality public school system, health care for everyone, affordable goods and services, roofs over our heads, food in our mouths, strong relations with other countries, and more.

This world is one of dependency and not the independent nature we like to think or see. The reality is apparent, everything we do involves the interaction with another or multiple others within our own community and beyond, just look at the tag on your clothing, just see how business is outsourcing to other countries to build, develop, etc. things we use here in our own land.

This is a sign of the times, a global economy, a global environment, a global community that requires cooperation and not war, enemies, walls protecting and surrounding us from reality and ‘protecting us against ourselves’.

We need leadership that inspires, empowers and brings about hope and not fear, not hatred, not ignorance. We need leadership that sees the world and people for what we truly are human and we walk, talk, think, act, feel, see, love, all in a similar manner for we are no different in our true make up than anyone else. We may have different beliefs, values, attitudes, etc. but genetically we all have proteins, DNA, skin, hair, fingers, toes, brains, and heart and we should have leadership that values and understands both our similarities and differences.

It is time for a new direction, a new faith in the good of the world and people. It is time for peace and a leader who is willing to do their best to bring about a better world for the whole.

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