Friday, March 28, 2008

Kettlebells and Yoga

Friday, always a great day as we head into the weekend. My Friday's of late have allowed me time to get great workouts in and today was another such day

Morning: Kettlebell
Snatch to a Press Combo

This was awesome. I have clients utilizing this combo and thought I need to play around and get a feel for it so I can prescribe it properly. In the process I realized how heavy that 32kg is :-) and just how much shoulder/full body work I get out of this bell and in the combo. Adding a Squat would take it up a notch for certain and I will play with this.

A lesson I learned recently in Yoga was how to rest on the bones (skeletal system) rather than the muscle. This made the moves and the classes in general easier to do, especially on combo days like this. I am now thinking and feeling how I can apply this principle to the KB's. Using physics and engineering/mathematical concepts has really helped increase my movement knowledge across the board and I am seeing this on a different level as I have integrated Yoga into my practice.

Learning to understand, comprehend and apply all these movement principles and concepts is wonderful. The combination of all my practices has really allowed me to step forward in my training and coaching of movement philosophy and application. I am truly seeing the integration of all this time and practice come together. I feel as I have attained a higher level on of consciousness. I am appreciative of all the mmovement arts and those who take time to study, master and pass on the knowledge, it is a shear thing of beauty.

YOGA (30 minutes after bells)
90 minute hatha flow yoga with the teacher (Michelle) whom first introduced me to this idea of resting on the 'bones'. Great practice today and I feel really strong and fresh after 3.5 hours of working out within the last 16 hours.

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