Monday, March 03, 2008

Squats and not much else

Well back in the squat cycle and I am really excited to be doing this lift again. It has been a month so a bit rusty. The goal is to do a squat and dl workout on Mondays. Here is how it went


These were great, the weight was not an issue just learning the fine art/skill of squatting as it gets heavier everything comes full circle. I am sure I will see this as I approach the 400's and more. However, went to deep on one rep and I am not sure if it was the rep or just the rust but my hammies really tightened up, not the normal tight so we called a halt to the workout and deadlift. Focused now on rolling and stretching to keep them loose.

Clubbell Shield Cast (1 arm)

Time to manage the body and treat it like it deserves so I can get back on it Wed, a big Clean and Press & Snatch Day.

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