Friday, March 21, 2008

Hatha Flow

Well 2 weeks and I am on my way to Costa Rica and my yoga certification. Thus it is important I get into classes and practice with instructors. Today I had a great class with a great instructor. We incoporated Joint Mobility (both Z style, Pavel style and maxwell style) and if you know anything about yoga, alignment is key so great to see all the things I do in one practice, called yoga. We also used Budokon moves and incorporated some of the Budokon Flow. I guess the key thing is that many movement arts take from yoga as yoga takes from other movement arts....hmmm :-), very cool

So, 90 minutes of opening the body felt great and what a great way to bring in spring, rinsing, detoxifying and opening to a new season. Feel relaxed and at peace.

I have about 6 KB workouts left and then a 3 week break from the bells, a welcomed one at that. So I am planning on pushing hard through the next couple weeks and resting up starting Wed the 2nd as I prep for 14 straight days of Yoga practice.

KB's tomorrow and self practice yoga/budokon and a great Rest day on Sunday with the family.

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