Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend full of Activity

A bunch of stuff from Friday to Sunday. Went out of town this weekend for Easter to spend time with my girlfriend and her family. Started Friday night with a big hike. Saturday took a drive up Highway 1 to Dillon Beach which is just a gorgeous hillside beach community. There did some kettlebells

SeeSaw Press

Renegade Row

Double Swing

All in a big Giant set of exercises

Bottoms Up


Fun working out on the beach but it is quite different with the instability of the surface. Balance on the double swings was interesting to say the least. Since I did not bring the big bells I decided I would do doubles and having the soft sand under my feet made it more fun. Yes, I did not stick to the 'plan' but I did get a great workout with the focus being I wanted to do swings.

SUNDAY went for a big mountain bike ride. An awesome 2.5 hour ride in Annadel in the Santa Rosa Area. A lot of good climbing with undulating single track filled with rocks making the climbing and downhill very technical. I could feel the core strength and balance combined with intense focus necessary. My legs felt the fatigue but not bad on the heart & lungs. Has been a long time since I went for a ride so to be able to do this ride on this terrain and with some long climbs with the technical portion really says a lot for my strength and conditioning and even more for the Kettlebells and their carryover.

Great weekend of fun! Busy day today so will make up my KB snatch workout tomorrow Tuesday


Todd Gilchrist said...

Joe . . . man I would have loved to join you on that mountain bike ride. There are some great trails up there. Kristen and I went up north to visit our folks for the holiday. I'll have to catch you next time!

Take care my friend - Todd

Joe Sarti said...

For certain Todd, plan for May 17th or 18th I will be back in your town.

Tell Kristen hello and we look forward to seeing you all soon my friend.

Franz Snideman said...

bike ride..nice!

I would have to DIDDO what Todd time your down here or we are up there, let's go for a ride!

Joe Sarti said...

Franz, you got a deal ;-)