Monday, March 17, 2008

Daily Practice of Yoga and KB's

Started my morning with a Sun Salutation Yoga session. Took approximately 20 good minutes and kick started my day helping me get centered.

This afternoon went back to the Rifstonian Institute. Getting back in today was great, the energy was alive and a couple good tips from Rif helped me make some leaps forward



These were by far my best with this weight. The tip to sit back and wait to accelerate and stomp really made a big difference with the ease of the movement. This improvement gives me the confidence to snatch the 48kg. And, this change relieved my grip of the stress.

Pistol (2 kbs of odd weights)
12kg & 8kg/1/1
12kg & 16kg/1/1
16k & 20k/1/1
20k & 24k/1/1
24k & 28k/1/1x2

made sure I did them with the bells on each side (i.e. 24 lt, 28 rt and 24 rt and 28 lt).

Pulling my chin down while squatting really helped my balance by engaging my flexors and relaxing my extensors. As Rif mentioned when my head is up it engages my extensors making the Pistol much more difficult.

Yoga in the evening, 30 minutes of Gentle Hatha. Helps calm the mind and get into a relaxed state for sleep.

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