Saturday, March 08, 2008

Swings, Pistols, Yoga and Budokon Practice

A full day of balanced work. Split in 3 sections from early morning to afternoon.

Morning Yoga

45 minute self practice at home focusing on Sun Salutations and Shoulder Openings. It is clear to me that my shoulders are 'tight' especially in a yoga sense so I am working on increasing their suppleness. As well my hips, especially hip flexor complex is tight (which I have known) and hips in general so I am working on this area as well.

Mid Morning Kettlebells

1 Arm Swings

Superset with Pistol

How I forget just how much 1 arm swing hit my glutes. Yikes my butt is sore and my legs as a whole are worked. Having the pistol in between was no help :) but it sure felt great hitting these 2 moves together.

Afternoon Budokon
10 moves 10 reps/move practice:
Belly Up Belly Down
Dancing Lion
Fighting Crocodile
Fighting Monkey
Floating Brazilian
Floating Frog Vinyasa
Floating Lunge
Flowering Lotus
Front Kick

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